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    Our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

    Welcome to Megarub

    Megarub industries is a global leader in manufacture of Tire Retreading Materials such as Precured Bonding Gum, Cushion Gum, Under Tread Strips, Submersible Winding Compound and Vulcanizing Rubber for TUBES. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow’s enterprise, Megarub enables clients across PAN INDIA to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve.


    Growth and dominant industry presence to be driven by our DNA – Ethical Business practices

      Look beyond the present and set new benchmarks for self and Industry – Innovate or perish.

      Both as a philosophy and an uncompromising practice.

    • Progressive and Visionary promoters
    • Professional, committed and empowered managerial team
    • Flexibility for future system growth
    • Trained, skilled and productive work force

    About Megarub

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company Started in 1996 in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, India For a start, established a strong presence in Tamil Nadu market for pre-cured bonding gum and conventional tread rubber Achieved a significant presence in Pan-India markets in quick time; poised for a dominant position Have put in place world class manufacturing, testing, pre-sale and post-sale facilities to become a global player of significance

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    Bewegen Team

    Enhance traction in all activities – expanding product range by customization, strengthening application services, building volumes and increasing market share domestically and globally.

    The Megarubs Team.


    Pre-Cured Bonding Gum

    Rocky Mountain

    Specification :

    Made from super high quality polymer developed with technology for superior tackiness and best shelf life.

    We manufacture Precured Bonding Gum at various curing temperature i.e. 99”C, 125”C and 150”C suitable for both electric and steam chambers.

    1.2mm thickness

    Width 220mm, 230mm or tailor made for customer specification.

    Packing: Available in 5kgs rolls in to 45kgs of 1bundle.

    Date: October 17, 2014

    Under Tread Strips

    Corps Logistics

    Specification :

    Used in conventional and off the road tire retreads

    Size: 2mm and 4mm Thickness

    Packing: Available in 5kgs rolls in to 45kgs of 1bundle.

    Date: October 17, 2014

    Cushion Gum

    We GoShare

    Specification :

    Used in conventional retreading.

    Cushion Gum is a thin sheet of rubber used for Conventional or Hot Process Tire Retreading.

    Size: 0.8mm thickness Width 220mm

    Packing: Available in 5kgs rolls in to 45kgs of 1bundle.

    Date: October 17, 2014

    Submersible Pump Compound


    Quality Sponsorship Acquisition

    Effix is a firm with extensive marketing & sponsorship experience who have represented a large array of successful organizations. The company has specialized experience in the bike sharing industry, having sold sponsorship for the systems in Montreal, Toronto and New York City. Bewegen’s partnership with this leading firm ensures that every community acquires the highest quality of sponsorship opportunities for its bike share program.

    Rope Rubber


    Specification :

    For use in retreads to have better filling and tire repair operations with an extruder gun.

    For use in retreads to have better filling and tire repair operations with an extruder gun.

    Date: October 17, 2014

    Camel Back Rubber


    Specification :

    Special compound designed to obtain exceptional mileage and shelf life.

    Available in sizes as per customer requirement.

    Used in conventional type of retreading

    With sizes suitable for remolding bigger OTR tires such as JCB, Dumpers, Tractor Tires, truck tires, LCV’s and smaller tire sizes.

    Date: October 17, 2014

    Michel Dallaire

    Partnership With Clients

    World-Class Design & Manufacturing

    Bewegen’s bike share system was conceived by renowned industrial designer Michel Dallaire. Coming from a wealth of experience, he has received numerous awards for his work including France’s National Order of Merit. Mr. Dallaire designed the Bewegen electric-assist bicycle to optimize comfort, convenience, and performance to create an unparalleled user experience.